Guardianships, Estate Planning and Probate

Our office prepares and processes Guardianship petitions in Probate Court for minors and the elderly. Guardianships of minor children sometimes are needed when relatives such as grandparents, aunts and uncles become the full-time custodian and caregiver of the children because the biological parents are unable to care for them. The need for a Guardianship of an elderly person generally arises when the individual becomes mentally incapacitated and does not have a valid Power of Attorney for Finances or Health Care. In that event, a guardian for the incapacitated individual must be appointed by the Probate Court, all of which could have been avoided with some advanced planning.

We prepare simple estate planning documents for our clients, including wills, living wills, living trusts, and Power of Attorney for Health Care and Finances. These advance planning documents usually are not expensive and can save the client and the client's family thousands of dollars in future legal fees.

If an estate requires probate, we are able to assist our clients with uncontested probate proceedings. Most estates fall into this category.